Product Availability

Where are Skinzi Cosmetics products sold?

Do you have pop-ups?

My favorite product is out of stock. When can I expect a restock?

What is the maximum number of products I can purchase?

Cruelty Free Make Up

Do you test on animals?


What methods are available for shipping?

How soon will my package arrive after submitting my order?

Who's responsibility is it to pay customs and taxes for my international orders outside of the United States?

When will I receive my order confirmation email?


Do you accept returns?

Am I allowed to change an order after I've submitted it?

Product Sponsorship, PRO discount and Promotions

I am a Beauty Influencer. Do you offer product sponsorships?

Do you offer PRO discounts?

Do you run promotions for free product giveaways?


Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Customer Service and Website Inquiries

When will I receive a response to the email I sent to your Customer Service team?

Do I have to set up an account on to purchase my products?

I can't remember my password for your website. How can I reset it?


Do you have any job openings?

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