How to Apply

  • - For maximum long lasting effect, exfoliate lips before applying.
  • - If you don't have time to exfoliate, make sure you remove any peeling skin on your lips before application to ensure a smooth coat.
  • - Position the doe foot applicator on the corner of your bottom or top lip and glide to the other corner. Fill in the rest of your lips.
  • - Wait for 1 to 2 minutes to dry. While your lips are drying it's best not to rub or press them together for a super smooth finish.
  • - Our formula is highly pigmented so you only need 1 coat.
  • NOTE: Avoid oily/greasy foods but if you can't help it, don't worry, our formula is long lasting but fades evenly like a traditional lipstick when it comes in contact with greasy foods. That means you don't have to retouch right away. 

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