Have you met your matte?

We know the feeling, sometimes you think you will never find 'The One.' You've had your hopes up many times only to be let down by a liquid matte lippie that didn't meet your expectations.

It can be extremely frustrating.

That's exactly what we felt ourselves. That is why we channelled our frustration in creating a list of what we think the ideal liquid matte should be.

We searched far and wide and found a team of skilled chemists at our California based ISO laboratory who rose to the challenge and delivered on every single requirement on our long list.

The result is our custom, non-toxic matte formula, so comfortable and weightless, it's what lipstick dreams are made of. Best of all, it's vegan and free of cruelty, paraben, phthalates, sulfates and gluten. We've enriched it with Vitamin E for healthy and supple lips.

The moral of this story? Sometimes frustration can be a good thing. It's what drove us to create a matte formula made for your beautiful lips. I guess you can call us the ultimate matte-maker.

We'd love to put a smile on your face and wallet!

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