10 Things to Avoid when Applying Office Appropriate Makeup

10 Things to Avoid when Applying Office Appropriate Makeup


If you enjoy the process of applying make up then you've probably watched a handful of make up tutorials and immediately got inspired to recreate that look.

I know I have.

As much as I'd like to try every make up tutorial I've seen, I work full time which means having worked for almost two decades in a corporate environment, there are unwritten rules for what is office appropriate and HR approved when it comes to wearing make up in the office.

When thinking about what's acceptable or not, the goal is simple, you want your colleagues who interact with you to focus on the quality of your work, your contributions, your deliverables and not your make up.

Working in an office entails frequent face to face interactions in close proximity which means, a subdued look that enhances your features without looking like you're wearing a mask is best.

Here's the 10 things to avoid when wearing make up to work. 


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