I'm Not Applying Make-up for the Reasons You Might Be Thinking

I'm Not Applying Make-up for the Reasons You Might Be Thinking


I used to think that putting on make-up was something I needed to curb, like a bad habit that needed to be restrained or controlled.

I somehow felt, based on people's reactions, that wearing make-up was some kind of flaw that I needed to fix.

Occasionally, I'd hear assumptions that I'm putting make-up on to please others or that I should stop using make-up because I shouldn't be covering up my face. 

What if I told you that expressing myself through make-up application is a part of who I am?

What if I actually enjoy the creative process? Just like any artist, I hone my skills and improve my dexterity with every repetition of a brush stroke as I masterfully create a look I'm in the mood for, using simple make-up tools and beauty products.

Contrary to what some may think, I'm not hiding myself, I'm expressing myself.

I view make-up as a way for me to release my creative energy. My canvas is my face. Would you ask an artist to stop painting? Or a singer to stop singing?

Next time assumptions are made that I apply make up because I'm covering my face or not accepting of my looks or worse, doing it for others, I kindly request that you stop judging.

I hope you'll be as considerate of my passions as I am to you. Peace and love. 


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