Closing the Gender Gap in STEM

Closing the Gender Gap in STEM


"To help close the gender gap in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) we must all take action and inspire girls to make what's next" - Microsoft Inspire Girls in STEM

As a young girl, I had interests in both the Arts and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). I enjoyed dancing and drawing but I was also curious about Math and Science.

I am grateful to have maintained my interest in both disciplines because today, I work full time in a STEM job as a Quality/Solutions Engineer, but I still enjoy my creative side, mainly focusing on make up application, designing our Skinzi Cosmetics products, packaging, website and crafting the marketing assets that we publish weekly on our social media.

Had I not nurtured my artistic side, I would have needed to hire a graphic designer to create our social media posts. While I'm not a graphic designer by profession, I know enough to create marketing campaigns that our brand uses today.

As a parent, I'm trying to encourage my daughter to remain engaged in STEM with the help of Kumon. Their tried and tested methods help significantly improve their students' Math skills. 

While my little girl is also into art, expressing herself through her dancing hobby, I also continue to encourage her interest in STEM. 

As Microsoft points out, "Teachers aren’t the only ones in a position to motivate girls in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Research shows that when girls are encouraged by both a parent and a teacher, they’re more likely to remain engaged in STEM and see themselves in a STEM career someday.".

If you have a daughter, niece, sister, you can do your part in promoting STEM by having these conversations that will hopefully allow their interest to flourish.

You can do your part in breaking the stereotype, one discussion at a time.

"It is shameful that there are so few women in science...There is a misconception in America that women scientists are all dowdy spinsters." Chien-Shiung Wu, experimental physicist.


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